This page contains documents for members of the ORSC and the Areas and Groups it serves.

Florida Service Symposium 2015

Needs of NA
Outreach to Young People
NA School Projects
BMLT Elevator Pitch Handout
Creating an Interactive Workshop
Data Protection and Privacy Protection
Fellowship Development Presentation
Finding My Niche in Service
Leveraging Technology: Activities Workshop Handout
Leveraging Technology: PR Workshop Handout
Process not Perfection
Public Relations Workshop Florida Region
Web-Security: How Secure is Your Website
Websites That Suck and How to Fix Them

Latest PSA's

Not Me For Brother
Parents Ask For Help
Diverse People

Ontario Region Motion Form
Regional Commitee Members - Use this form to Bring motions to the Regional Meetings

ORCNA P&P's - 2017 - Appendix C
Policies and Procedures for our Ontario Regional Convention committee

ORSC Expense Report

ORSC Policies and Procedures

Regional Committee Member Regional Area Report
Suggested form for RCM's to use when writing a report for the Regional Meeting.

Resource Pool Information Form

Please Download the Resource Pool Information Form and contact webservant
or Mail it to:
P.O. Box 5939 Depot A
Toronto, Ontario
M5W 1P3

Website Updating Instructions
This document will explain the method of updating your Areas Meeting Information on the & CANA sites (same Database)

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