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We will be using this page to direct you to some current service information from the ORSC, RD team, CANA, NAWS that we feel is relevent to our members. Either with additional links added to our main menu on the left or posted below.

Issue Discussion Topics:
We have three important topics to discuss this cycle. The current profiles, PowerPoints, and handouts for Collaboration, Group Conscience, and Supporting our Vision are now posted at www.na.org/IDT. Please help us by not only having these discussions, but also letting us know what you have to say about them by sending us feedback from your discussions and workshops

Service System: We (NA Word Serveices,) hope to start field testing parts of the service system proposals. Ideally, we’d like to work closely with a few communities who are putting some of the ideas in the proposals into practice so that we can begin to see how some of the components of the system operate in “real life.” If you are from a region or area that is trying some of the ideas or you are discussing how they might work and you want to try lifting some of the ideas off of the drawing board with us, we encourage you to contact world services if you haven’t already done so. For more information on this project see the service system page.

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