We are currently working to make our website more accessible to those with additional needs. In the meantime, we've included some resources here for your convenience. If you need assistance navigating any portion of this website, please contact us at or call us at 1-888-811-3887.

This meeting list includes links and passwords for virtual NA meetings.

This meeting list includes dates, times and locations of in-person NA meetings. Please be aware that many in-person meetings are temporarily closed. The format code "TC" indicates that a meeting facility is Temporarily Closed.

This pamphlet is intended to educate NA members about how to make NA meetings more accessible to addicts with additional needs.

This is a list of meetings for those who are Deaf.

Meeting guidelines for the hard of hearing.

Meeting guidelines for the vision impaired.

Our Regional Fellowship Development Team currently has a workgroup dedicated to making NA more accessible to addicts with additional needs. If you'd like to join this workgroup, please email or call us at 1-888-811-3887.