We are much more productive when we build structures in which responsibilities are outlined, roles are clear, and simple checks are in place as a part of the process. Mentoring, supporting, and encouraging members in their efforts to serve can simply make it easier to do the next right thing. Accountability is a two-way street. When our relationship to our services lacks trust, service is unattractive.

Guiding Principles Tradition 9. pg 58-59

If you would like to mentor/coach an NA member in service by sharing your Experience and knowledge about a service position, you can complete this simple questionnaire which will be available to those members seeking Mentorship.

If you are seeking a mentor or coach, someone with experience in the service position you are interested in, click here for a list of those trusted servants wiling to mentor and coach you. 

If you are willing to become a Mentor Click Here

If you are seeking a mentor please contact and we will send you the available mentors for your chosen position.

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